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Duvall Garage Doors | Why Your Garage is the Most Neglected Part of Your Home

Most homeowners choose to include a garage when constructing their home. But after the garage is built, most people end up neglecting the fact that the garage should be kept secured and clean at all times. There are many people who just keep on using their garages but fail to maintain it in its best condition, something that can be quite risky for others.

The garage is considered as the most neglected part of the home due to the fact that it does not get the same attention you give when cleaning other parts of your house. In particular, it seems that men are the only ones concerned about the function of the garage. As long as they do not notice any problems, they would just leave it as it is and just use it as long as it functions.
Aside from a place where your car should be parked and where automobile tools should be kept, the garage is also considered as the place where used things are placed. Second from the attic, this is the usual place where most homeowners put all of their used belongings since it can be an extra area where visitors cannot see the stuff and where kids would not bother to enter.

But even if the garage is the most neglected place, homeowners should keep in mind that safety is always at risk when the garage is not maintained and spotless. It is best that they should learn about garage door organization just to prevent any harmful incidents from happening because of their neglect. Take note that the garage is still a part of your home, and being able to keep it in its best shape will give you the advantage in keeping you and your family safe at all times.

Duvall Garage Doors | Unusual Things To Store In Your Garage

Many people use their garages as the ideal storage space.  It is easily accessible, isolated from the rest of the house, and provides lots of space for whatever you want to store.  The contents of one’s garage tells the story of one’s life and loves, interests and hobbies. Garage space is truly a great addition to any home, either for storage, or to transform into something different entirely. Some people, however, use their garages to house some out-of-the-ordinary stuff.

In an act that would make R. Lee Ermey proud, one homeowner used his six-car garage to house his vintage M4A4 Sherman tank.  He claimed that the tank was a gift from a faraway ambassador and that he wanted to keep it for sentimental value.  This General was eccentric and cunning, and his traits brought him honor and prestige.  You should become that person, who can use their facility as a one-tank garage.

Another strange but entertaining item to keep in a garage is a chandelier or disco ball, which you can hang from your garage door opener! As soon at the garage door opens – Wowzer!!!

When you decide to keep unusual items in the garage, you know that it will be a party every time you’re in there.  Just imagine the conquering feeling of turning your garage light on, and having a glowing disco ball accompanying it.  It’s always been a personal dream of mine to open the door to my garage and see a marvelous crystal chandelier hanging elegantly from the garage ceiling.  Many people use their garages as hotspots for entertaining, and one of these fun furnishings is sure to impress your guests.

From dinosaur bones to shipments of phones, people have stored everything under the sun in their garages.  Our only advice is to store safe, and make the most that space!

Duvall Garage Doors | 3 Tips for Organizing Your Garage

Closets and garages. These are two places that appear to be a catch-all for the home’s chaos and disorganization. Unlike closets, it appears that garages have more space and therefore, become much more cluttered with the home’s cast off items. Here are three tips for keeping the garage organized at all times of the year.

Install garage storage and cabinet systems

Garages that have a bunch of clutter thrown around the space where the car’s park are some of the worst looking garages. If you know that you need to store items in a garage, make sure that they have a dedicated space. One of the best ways to make committed spaces for tools, outdoor items, and other odds and ends is to install an organization system. By having shelving and storage to place items, the garage will immediately look much clearer.

Clean cars outside of the garage

One of the reasons that garages become cluttered is because they pick up all the items from car de-cluttering. To combat this, stop cleaning out your car while it is in the garage. Make an effort to clean out your car at a car wash, or in the drive way prior to coming into the garage. This will force you to decide on what to do with the items taken out of your car, rather than just dropping them on the garage floor – and forgetting them.

By making a conscious effort to keep the garage clean day by day, you will save yourself the done major de-cluttering that most have to do once a year. Treat the garage as you would your bedroom, and you will find it to be a much cleaner space.

I want to buy a new garage door opener- where should I start?

Just like if you were buying a home or even planning out a trip, you always need to take your budget into consideration as your first step into buying any item, especially a garage door opener. Make sure you are investing in the best brand that is out there that would not affect your pocket in the long run. It is highly recommended to buy new openers, especially with warranty. Any openers with warranty will you save you money and time when you still have the same garage door company assisting you with your repairs. Remember: always save your receipt so that you show proof that you are guaranteed your warranty. The next step is doing your research on the type of opener that would coincide with your garage door. The heavier the door, the better it would be to buy the opener that can withstand the weight of the door without causing any type of damage. In this case, a chain-drive opener would be your first pick since it is able to carry heavier doors than a belt-drive opener would. As soon as you find the opener you want, make sure you call a few garage door companies to get an estimate of what it would cost to have that specific motor installed for your door. Now it is crucial to understand that the labor of installing a new opener does not come cheap, because it is a one man job and to place the opener would have to be at the ceiling of your garage. So do anticipate some high numbers, but remember, make sure it is all-inclusive!

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